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Bris VA 62 K


HM635 - When all tasks are taken care of in one place the risks of errors are minimized and the price is often lower

Bris VA 62 K. 

In comparison with the competitors Hanstholm Ship Smithy’s prices are very competitive and they have everything in place within steel work and mechanics. This means that I only have to address one place to get my vessels modernized and find solutions for improving my business. Furthermore, they are very nice people that only want the best for their customers. Audun (Lastname) – Bris VA 62 K


Hanstholm Skibssmedie services many vessels from all over Europe. Especially Norway is an area where our good reputation is being spred. Bris VA 62 K is a good example on this. The vessel is owned by two Norwegians called Audun (Lastname) and Audun (Lastname) and they have owned a range of vessels though the years. Because we have worked with Audun (Lastname) for so many years Hanstholm Skibssmedie is allowed to take care of simple as well as complicated tasks for these two Norwegians.


Last Hanstholm Skibssmedie has rebuilt a vessel into a prawn trawler. This requires a lot of work not only when it comes to getting the necessary official approvals and getting the papers in order before the vessel could go to sea. Therefore, this was a job that took months and for the reason the Norwegians could not stay in Hanstholm to monitor the work. However, because of the great confidence of the two Norwegians they could stay home while the rebuild was taking place and thereby they could both take care of other tasks. It was only necessary with little supervision. So even though there are large distances and long travel times and so on Hanstholm Skibssmedie took care of the task and our customers could sleep safely at night because their vessel where in good hands. If they had problems with transport to the ferry in Hirtshals we drove them or we let them borrow one of our cars. That is our approach to service.


We have worked with Hanstholm Skibssmedie for many years and we keep coming back because of their professionalism and their good service. They are especially good at finding solution for older vessels and they have the experience to do the work right the first time. Audun (Lastname) – Bris VA 62 K 

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