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Reparation of hull

As Hanstholm Skibssmedie we have extensive experience with all types of reparations and new/rebuilding on different types of ship hulls regardless if the work is to be done in aluminum or steel.


Reparations and repair of damage

A typical problem is damage on ship hulls which derive from collisions. When the damage is done our team of experiences employees can quickly get an overview over the damage and launch the measures which quickly brings the ship back at sea. As an example on this our collaboration with Fjordline can be mentioned. Fjordline owns the high speed ferry, Master Cat, which is made in aluminum and sails as a catamaran (that is on pontoons). An accident happened when the Master Cat collided with the harbor in Hanstholm. They made a big hole in the side and they got banned from sailing. The hole was big and made in 16 and 18 millimeter steel plates.  It cost the shipping company 1.000.000 DKK per day they were laying still. Therefore, the damage had to be fixed as fast as possible. Hanstholm Skibssmedie entered collaboration with a partner company and together they provided about 20 people who worked around the clock. The damage was mended within 3-4 days.


Energy optimizing and fuel saving     

Within the latest years there have been for and more focus on energy optimizing on all types of vessels. Hanstholm Skibssmedie is increasingly performing rebuilding of ship hulls in a way that they can save on fuel. There are, therefore, rebuilding’s that pay for itself through lower future costs. The typical work includes adaptions of the bottom of the ship because a lot can be saved by reducing the water resistance. Many vessels have pipes and other things on the outside of the ship. This we have changed in many cases with success. Furthermore, we have a lot of experience with mounting propeller dolmens, which also must also sit right. Especially, in relation to the slope and the water intake for the dolmens plays a large role. The water influx for the dolmens is also controlled by design of the bottom of the ship as well as the mounted pipes etc. As something new we have started to mount plates on the bottom of the stern to tone down the movements of the ship up and down in the water. Can we get the boat to move less it becomes a better working place and it probably also saves fuel. 


Elongation of hull

Hanstholm Skibssmedie has also though time conducted elongations of hulls on different types of ships. We have experience with both solely conducting elongations but we can also handle the entire process where we handle the work of documentation and collect subsequent permissions etc.


With 40 years of experience there is almost no problem that we have not solved in relation to ship hulls. So please ask and get a non-binding offer. 


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