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Reparation of Fishing Material

A ship is a work place and there are many different machines, which in different ways are included in the work process, which takes place on a ship. Hanstholm Skibssmedie service and produce a range of different types of machines for the deck. Regarding fishing material we often work with the following materials: steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. As well as we work a lot with hydraulic. Hanstholm Skibssmedie poses competencies and expertise within these areas competences which we have built through around 40 years of experience.

Especially, in relation to fishing material the following work can be mentioned: mounting of complete factory decks, mounting of cleaning machines, transporters, fish washers etc. However, we also conduct work on capstans, net rollers, blocks, stern hangers, toll bars etc. If we cannot solve the problem ourselves we have a large network of subcontractors for conveyor belts and the like on the work deck. All of our subcontractors are companies, which we have worked together with for many years and it is, therefore, companies where we can vouch for the quality.

With 40 years of experience there is almost no problem that we have not solved in relation to fishing material. So please ask and get a non-binding offer.

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