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As something entirely new we have gotten the opportunity of sending out newsletters to everyone who wants to be updated about new initiatives, products and solutions. We publish an e-mail newsletter 4-6 times a year with information about what is going on within the maritime service and new building. If you choose to receive the newsletter you will be among the first ones receiving tips, news and stories from our customers which might inspire you to get a better business.

You will find a link to unsubscribe on the bottom of every newsletter, so you can easily unsubscribe if you do not find the newsletter interesting.

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Hanstholm Skibssmedie ApS

Kuttergade 9-11

7730 Hanstholm, Denmark

Phone: 97 96 16 11

24-hour service / Jesper Phone: 21 44 66 65

Weekend shift Phone. 40 44 91 49