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Hanstholm Ship Smithy

Hanstholm Skibssmedie has competences within hydraulics, engines, aluminum and iron work. We conduct reparations on ship hulls, wheelhouses, masts and also equipments such as capstans, whale trays, net rollers etc. We deliver and install main engines, auxiliary engines, hydraulic facilities, propellers, propeller shafts and more. Hanstholm Skibssmedie puts emphasis on a trusting and permanent relationship with our customers and partners.

We strive to satisfy our customers beyond their expectations and we always have quality in focus. These are our key terms, which since 1967 have made it possible not only to offer encompassing solutions but also to deliver the best quality. Furthermore, we also have focus on new and exciting areas, like wave energy.

Important products / services

  • Kronborg cleaning machines
  • CJC filters
  • Desmi pumps
  • Valmet and Scandia diesel motors
  • Cummins and Volvo panta diesel motors
  • Effer truck and navy cranes

Reference customers

  • FN 226 Andrea Klitbo
  • HM 635 Karbak
  • HM 127 Karen Nielsen
  • HM 96 Jannie
  • HM 228 Pondus


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Hanstholm Skibssmedie ApS

Kuttergade 9-11

7730 Hanstholm, Denmark

Phone: 97 96 16 11

24-hour service / Jesper Phone: 21 44 66 65

Weekend shift Phone. 40 44 91 49